Features and usage of Days

This app is useful for creating a history table, period calculation, and countdown. You can create multiple lists, so you can organize them as you like.


Enter your name and birthday in the wizard. A simple history table is automatically created based on this information. Please set the date format before setting the birthday.


You can create multiple lists and scroll around easily. Enter new items directly in the new field at the bottom of the list.

Tap the date part to display a popover and change the date. You can also change by tapping the up and down arrows or long press.

Two lines of titles can be displayed. Up to one line feed can be entered. Since the line break of the keyboard is “complete”, another method is prepared. A line break will appear in the text popover (selection, paste, etc.) that appears when you press and hold. You can enter it by pressing this. Note that the new line at the end of the string is deleted.

and display the period with other items by drag & drop (pan operation). Tap to display a popover that allows you to select the display format. If you want to remove it, return it after drag & drop.

Tap to display the progress to today or the future countdown period.

There are the following types of display formats.
S: Year, month, or day only
M: Display up to the month
L: Show all dates (long)

Edit mode

Long press the list or date item to enter edit mode. You can delete date items and change the order.


Press to open settings. You can edit persons and lists. To display age in the date field, set the person’s birthday. And choose that person for each list.

All data can be saved to a CSV file. You can use the File app. You can also replace all data with the contents of the CSV file.

The structure of the CSV file is as follows. Param changes with Type.

HeaderType, Title, Param1, Param2, Param3
Typeperson / list / item
personTitle: Name
Param1: Birthday
listTitle: List title
Param1: Person number (if not present, age is not displayed)
Param2: Color (0-19. Order displayed in popover of settings)
Param3: Date format (list 0 only. DMY / MDY / YMD)
itemTitle: Item title
Param1: Date
Param2: Relative number to period item
Param3: Period format (S / M / L)

It will look like the sample below.

item,Elementary School Entrance,09/01/1995,,
item,Elementary School Graduation,08/31/2000,-1,S
item,Middle School Entrance,09/01/2000,,
item,Middle School Graduation,08/31/2003,-1,S
item,High School Entrance,09/01/2003,,
item,High School Graduation,08/31/2007,-1,S
list,Period Calculation,,1,
item,Next Birthday,09/09/2020,,L
item,70th Birthday,09/09/2059,,S
item,High School Graduation,03/31/2007,,S


You can enter from 999 BC to 9999 AD. BC shows a minus sign.


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